How create a 3D model for AURECAT?

You can create a 3D model with any software that is compatible with Aurecat (Clic here for the see the compatible software)..
You just have to keep in mind the following guidelines:

Tooltips On creation:

1.- Create your 3d model.
2.- Use mm units.

3.- Align your 3d model in the center coordinates of the scene (0,0,0).
4.- If you have several 3d objects or meshes in the scene, create a Group with all the objects.
5.- Move the General Axis (Pivot) to bottom of the group/object. (This axis will be aligned with the marker in Aurecat app).
(In 3DsMax ..Hierarchy ->Affect Pivot Only).
6.- If Z isn’tt UP, rotate just the pivot (General Axis) with Z Up.
(In 3DsMax ..Hierarchy ->Affect Pivot Only).

7.- Don’t use prodedural materials in your exported 3d models. If you want use it, create a copy of your 3d model with baked textures. (Using for example in 3DSMax the Render-to-texture option).

Tooltips On export:

1.- Use “Export as FBX format” for compatible Aurecat conversion system, with this config.

2.- Remember that you have to export the FBX model with baked textures. (Using for example the Render-to-texture option). Not use procedural materials for the exported model.
3.- Finally, try to import the exported FBX model in your 3d software another time, to ensure that exported 3D model is correctly generated, and the textures are properly mapped.

Create a plane under the model with the size of the marker (Example: DIN-A4: 297×210 mm), for try how bigger is respect the marker.
Remember to delete it, before export the 3d model.

How to play Aurecat -Augmented Reality Catalog-?

1.- Download the app.
2.- Print the marker with the desireed size.
3.- Select the catalog and play the model in the app, focusing with the device to the marker.