Know the additional services that make raise your business...

Your App

E-commerce integration

3D Modeling


Get your own AURECAT app
with all the power of AURECAT
customized for your business.

– Brand your app with your logo and a custom design.
– Unlimited products and categories.
– Preference conversion optimized AURECAT models.
– Secure server and backup copy.
– Custom elements for your business.

E-commerce integration

Do you want your clients watch your 3D models directly from your website?

Integrate the AURECAT techonology in your website,
and increase your visits giving and added value with just… a Button.

3D Modeling Service

You don’t have your models in 3D?

No problem! our 3d designer team can modelize your products.

Optimus modeling for integration in printed catalogs and optimizated version
for perfect visualization in AURECAT App.